Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Shoes, the Musical

I can only imagine what musical director Ralph Woodward thought when I asked him if the Salt Lake Children's Choir would sing about women's shoes.

A highly astute observer of human behavior, I've noticed that many women have a closet shoe fetish.

Even my mother, an Old World woman who thought a dishwasher was far too extravagant for her family, accumulated dozens and dozens of pairs.
It wasn't until after she passed and we extricated all the shoe boxes from her closet that we realized the true scale of the collection.

My wife has tried to educate me about the matter of shoes and handbags. (There is a well-established correlation between these two items.) All I have gleaned from these discussions, is that Kate Spade makes some women drool.

I figured there was a song in there somewhere.

So I interviewed Utah real estate agent Cindy Wood in her closet with her shoes.

And then I phone Woodward to see if the Salt Lake Children's Choir would sing about it.

The kids were, no doubt, used to making music for a higher calling -- performing Schuman and church hymns -- not singing the praises of Manolo Blahnic. But they gave a fine performance.

And I would like to thank them.

They present performances throughout the year, including their annual Christmas concert.

I don't think their programs includes any shoe songs.

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