Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Elusive J.J. Farnsworth

Before every Alta High School football home game, announcer Rique "Oach" Ochoa summons a particular player.

"Would J.J. Farnsworth come to the press box please? J.J. Farnsworth."

The announcement echoes through the stands and surrounding homes.

But Farnsworth never responds.

We profiled Ochoa during last month's game against the Eagles. (The Fresh Look on Life airs 10pm Sunday, November 4.)

The history teacher has found a way to mix football and education by inserting current vocabulary words with his play-by-play.

impenetrable: incapable of being penetrated or pierced
impervious: impenetrable
permeate: penetrate
fathom: comprehend covert: secret
regale: to entertain sumptuously
epitome: embodiment
exhort: urge strongly
infringe: to encroach
intrinsic: belonging to a thing by its very nature
stringent: strict
surmise: to conjecture

Students get to know the words.

But no one's ever met J.J. Farnsworth.

Because he was a lower string player from Ochoa's East L.A. high school football days.

Jamie Farnsworth. Called J.J. by a teacher/football announcer who gave everyone a middle 'J.'

During his 20 years of football announcing, R.J. Ochoa has been testing the booth mike by, instead of counting to three, calling for J.J.

Not long ago he overheard some students, speaking of J.J., say "Boy, that kid's gone here a long time, hasn't he?"

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