Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rubber Band Boy

And now, the eighth wonder of the world, (A wonder because so many people wonder "why."): The new biggest rubber band ball in the world.

That title, held for years by John Bain, a Delaware man who began building his ball (Where else?) in a law firm mailroom, has been seized by Steve Milton of Eugene, Oregon (who likes to use it to crush computer monitors. Apparently rubber band balls are very useful for smashing things.).

Bain's ball weighs more than 31-hundred pounds.

Milton's weighs more than 45-hundred.

And Anthony Mallas' ball weighs 25 pounds. We featured the Salt Lake eleven year old and his ball on Two News at Five. Anthony hopes one day his ball will
eclipse both Milton's and Bain's.

Godspeed Anthony.

I scored the piece for gopichand (an Indian folk instrument), acoustic guitar (not the strings, but the wood) and, of course, rubber bands.

It just kinda sounded like the right thing to do.

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