Monday, November 17, 2008

A Poetic Ending

Often it is asked: Where do you get your ideas? Sometimes, there's a great story right in front of you. And it's impeding traffic.

Spring of last year, while photographer Matt Gephardt and I were returning from a story about the Moab Mountain Unicycling Festival, Matt made note of the two in front of us: a longboarder surfing down the winding hill, followed by a chase car driven by a man in a neck brace.

There was a story there, Matt said, and he thought we should shoot it. I agreed.

The story was about cousins Jared and Tyler. We took pictures of them longboarding through traffic. And they discussed their previous injuries.

They were enjoying a weekend break from college. And it turned out one was studying to become a lawyer, the other, a doctor.

It was simply poetic.

And so the story went...

It's not like the boys hadn't thought well ahead.
Jared's pre-law, and Tyler's pre-med.
So, down the road, if things break, or are found..(ahem)...out of compliance,

They'll have each other. As friends...and as clients.

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