Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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Sometimes people picture things a little differently than their cameras.

And that's Mark Long's business.

He runs Hollywood Foto Fix, a Lehi business that restores and retouches photographs from around the country. They were featured on 2 News at 5 because of their restoration of Katrina-damaged pictures.

But they do more than remove mildew and water damage.

"Our phrase," Long's son, Austin, said, "is people want to look the way they think they look."

So they remove braces and blemishes from yearbook photos. They remove wrinkles and extra weight from family pictures.

They scan the photos and rework them in Photoshop and the pounds just melt away. If only it was that easy.

They've altered a low-cut wedding dress for a Utah customer.

They extract ex-wives and ex-husbands. "We call it 'x' your ex," Mark Long said.

They strongly suggest that boyfriends and girlfriends be left out of group portraits at family reunions.

"We remove so many boyfriends or girlfriends from family reunion photos, it's not even funny." Well, actually, it is.

I asked Long what has been the strangest request.


He knew the answer instantly but wasn't quite sure if he wanted to say. Not to a TV reporter.

The employee behind him working at a computer was laughing. He knew the answer, as well.

Long thought some more.


And then he told me.

And I'm not sure if I should tell you.

Let's just say-


Let's just say a customer wanted a little...enhancement.

Like the Longs said, everybody's got that self-portrait in their head. And if they want it in a photo album, no doubt, Mark Long's all too happy to take their money.

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