Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Which One Was the Vice President?

Never assume.

A good life lesson and tenet of journalism.

I'd rather ask a dumb question (Yes, there are dumb questions. I know. I've asked many.) than regret it later.

Several years ago when I was in another television market and Vice President George H. W. Bush was campaigning for President, he made a whistle-stop appearance at a local airport.

My station sent a photographer and instructed him, kept at a distance from the action for security measures, to take pictures of Bush getting off the plane, shaking hands with local dignitaries and reboarding.

As the plane departed the photographer turned to the reporter and asked, “Which one was the Vice-President?”

Upon inspection of the videotape it was discovered he had taken pictures of the secret service agent at the Vice President's side.

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